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Ways to Avoid Getting Pulled Over


People are pulled over throughout Baltimore and the DC area every day of the week. One study reports 20 million drivers are pulled over annually. Following this figure, approximately 10 percent of drivers will see the lights of law enforcement in their rearview mirror every year. Being pulled over can be stressful and violations can follow. Avoiding the process all together can mean less worry, expense, and legal trouble.

If you are pulled over, it is possible law enforcement officers to accuse you of drug or alcohol use, resulting in criminal charges. When you or a loved one needs legal help due to a DWI charge, connect with an experienced Baltimore DUI & DWI lawyer as soon as possible.

Car Maintenance Is Important

Having a well cared for vehicle can increase your safety on the road. Accidents can be avoided due to malfunctioning parts. Also, a fully functional vehicle will be less noticeable to law enforcement. Conversely, a car with broken lights and missing parts stands out. Have all issues assessed and fixed without delay. To be certain your car is well cared for, make vehicular check ups a priority.

Keep all registrations up to date. If you are pulled over due to expired tags, it is typically not a moving violation but can lead to a ticket and other concerns could come to light.

Do Not Drive Aggressively

When a person is driving aggressively, including speeding, their behavior becomes an interest to law enforcement. Taking time to drive slow and be aware of any bad driving habits you have developed. Then, you can adjust your irresponsible behaviors and drive in a manner that does not gather attention.

Watch Your Lane

Stay in your lane and follow traffic rules. This means when you turn, you should be turning your vehicle into the closest lane. Police officers notice when individuals make a wide turn that results in their vehicle moving into a middle or far lane. This behavior can lead to collisions and violations.

Also, when you are not turning, remain in your lane. If you need to move into another lane, use your signal to make a clear, safe lane change. Swerving between lanes can lead to you being pulled over. Often, a swerving vehicle is an indicator of an intoxicated driver. Faulty alignment can be to blame. If this is the case, have your car repaired right away to avoid legal issues.

Make Complete Stops at Stop Signs

Follow all traffic signs and signals to avoid being pulled over. One of these is completely stopping at stops. Of course, there are times when individuals are pulled over and have done nothing wrong. You could even be charged with driving while intoxicated when you are not at fault. If this is true for you or someone you love, talk to a Baltimore DWI lawyer to protect your rights.

Do you believe you were illegally pulled over in Maryland? Contact the legal team at Iamele & Iamele, LLP to understand your options. Our knowledgeable attorneys can defend you against minor and serious criminal charges. Contact us today for a free initial consultation.


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