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Notice of Wrongful Death Claim Filed Against University of Maryland


The family members of a deceased University of Maryland student appear to be proceeding with a wrongful death claim against the school, according to an article by The Washington Post. The female student in question contracted adenovirus and later died as a result of illness.

The potential of a wrongful death action comes on the heels of recent reports concerning an adenovirus outbreak at the University of Maryland. Approximately 40 students contracted this virus, including 15 who sought medical treatment at hospitals. Despite the seemingly widespread nature of this adenovirus outbreak, the school waited approximately 18 days to take official action.

In terms of background, adenovirus is not generally a life-threatening condition. The traditional symptoms are substantially similar to the flu or a common cold. Though concerning individuals with diminished immune systems, adenovirus can become a more serious issue.

Concerning the deceased student, specifically, she took medication for Crohn’s disease, which weakened her digestive tract and immune system. Furthermore, this student experienced severe respiratory issues throughout the fall semester, owing largely to the presence of mold in her dormitory.

On November 2nd, the student sought medical attention at a University of Maryland health center, suffering from a fever and throat congestion. This was also one day after school officials learned about the presence of adenovirus on the campus.

On November 9th, school officials received communication from a doctor at a nearby hospital. The doctor was concerned about the influx of sick patients with similar symptoms, suggesting that an adenovirus outbreak was the potential culprit.

After discussing this development, school officials decided against notifying students about the adenovirus outbreak. In the meantime, the female student’s condition continued to worsen, as medical professionals were not able to identify the reason for her illness.

On November 13th, the female student’s father contacted the University of Maryland directly, requesting additional information. At that point, school officials finally disclosed the adenovirus outbreak rolling through the campus. Although the female student then received appropriate treatment for adenovirus, it was too late.

On November 18th, the female student died from illness and ensuring health complications. It was not until one day later that the University of Maryland took official action, acknowledging the adenovirus outbreak and notifying their community to proceed cautiously.

In the aftermath of this tragic death, the student’s family members have notified the school of a potential wrongful death claim. This claim alleges that the school is responsible for the student’s death by failing to disclose the adenovirus outbreak. Though the family members are willing to enter into discussions with the school before actually filing a lawsuit.

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