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Maryland Workers’ Compensation Benefits for Total and Partial Disability


In Maryland and across most of the United States, workers’ compensation provides a legal mechanism to deal with work-related injuries. Employees can receive medical attention and related benefits quickly. Employers can avoid negligence lawsuits by purchasing workers’ compensation insurance.

The topic for exploration today centers on the types of workers’ compensation benefits available to those who sustain a work-related injury. The Maryland Workers’ Compensation Commission outlines seven major categories of workers’ compensation benefits. Today the discussion will revolve around two of those categories – Permanent Total Disability Benefits and Permanent Partial Disability Benefits.

A previous blog entry outlined the characteristics of Temporary Total Disability Benefits and Temporary Partial Disability Benefits. To learn more about those types of workers’ compensation benefits, please reference this post – What Kind of Workers’ Compensation Benefits are Available in Maryland?.

Permanent Total Disability Benefits

In the most unfortunate work accidents, the employee can suffer a permanent and total disability. In these situations, the employee is likely unable to return to their previous duties and may be unable to perform meaningful work.

It is considered a permanent and total disability in Maryland when a worker loses the ability to use both of their:

  • Legs;
  • Hands;
  • Feet;
  • Eyes; or
  • Arms.

It is also considered a permanent and total disability in Maryland when a worker loses the ability to use any two of the entries above. In other words, if a worker loses the ability to use one hand and one foot, then it qualifies as a permanent and total disability.

In order to understand the scope of Permanent Total Disability Benefits, imagine a scenario where a worker who loses the use of both hands in a work-related accident. Such a worker could receive approximately 66 percent of their pre-injury earnings. Though it is important to note that Maryland laws do place a limit on the amount of workers’ compensation benefits available to an injured employee.

Permanent Partial Disability Benefits

When a work-related injury does not result in a permanent and total disability, the employee may be able to secure Permanent Partial Disability Benefits. This category of workers’ compensation benefit is available to employees who sustain a work-related injury that results in a diminished working capacity.

In most cases, Permanent Partial Disability Benefits result in weekly payments of $50 to the injured worker. Though there is an exception. If the injured worker made less than $50 per week before the injury, then Permanent Partial Disability Benefits will result in weekly payments that equal the worker’s pre-injury earnings.

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