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What Kind of Workers’ Compensation Benefits are Available in Maryland?


Workers’ compensation is a legal system that addresses injuries sustained in course of employment. Instead of requiring employees to sue their employer for negligence, workers’ compensation offers a no-fault alternative. This has benefits to both employees and employers, providing an efficient forum to deal with work-related injuries.

This post is meant to explore the benefits available to injured employees who apply for workers’ compensation in Maryland. As outlined by the Maryland Workers’ Compensation Commission, there are seven different types of benefits available. We will explore the meaning of two of those benefits today – Temporary Total Disability Benefits and Temporary Partial Disability Benefits.

Temporary Total Disability Benefits 

This type of benefit refers to the healing or recovery period after a work-related injury. This benefit applies if the employee is unable to return to work at all for a temporary amount of time. This benefit terminates when the employee is able to return to work in any capacity, even in a limited or part-time capacity at reduced pay.

If the disability timeframe is equal to or less than 14 days, then temporary partial benefits related to medical and funeral services are available from the first day of disability. But other benefits have a three-day waiting period.

If the disability timeframe is more than 14 days, then all temporary partial benefits are available from the first day of disability. There is no waiting period.

Temporary Partial Disability Benefits

This type of benefit also refers to the healing or recovery period after a work-related injury. But this benefit only applies if the employee is not temporarily disabled. Stated otherwise, the injured worker is able to perform limited or part-time duties for reduced pay. In this diminished capacity, the employee receives less compensation than they did before the injury.

In these situations, there is a necessary calculation to determine the amount of compensation. Essentially, employees can recover 50 percent of the difference between their pre- and post-injury compensation.

It is important to note that Maryland sets both maximum and minimum levels on this type of benefit. Every year the Maryland Department of Labor calculates a state-wide average for weekly wages. The maximum level of temporary partial disability benefits is no more than 50 percent of the average weekly wage. The minimum level is no less than $50 per week.

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