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Chest Pain Could Be A Sign Of Injury


Symptoms vary, but many individuals who have sustained a chest injury experience pain when coughing, sneezing, or laughing and may suffer from shortness of breath. It is important to take symptoms seriously and have your doctor assess your health as soon as possible after a Maryland collision. Car accidents can result in organ injuries and broken bones, all of which could cause pain and discomfort in your chest.

Discuss your damage recovery operation with a Baltimore personal injury lawyer. An attorney has the expertise to advise you on next steps in your claim process whether you have already been treated for a chest injury or you are just now deciding it is time to seek the guidance of a medical professional. Financial recovery could include doctor expenses and physical therapy fees. Before making an assumption about what type of care will be covered, get the facts from a skilled lawyer.

Fractured Ribs and Harm to Heart Muscle 

There is a wide range of chest injuries that are possible should a person be involved in a vehicular collision. For example, some individuals sustain broken bones, such as rib fractures, and others face a myocardial contusion diagnosis, which means the heart muscle has been bruised.

When you see a healthcare provider, they will give you a thorough examination, discuss your symptoms with you, and order tests if additional information would be beneficial. Some tests that are commonly ordered for patient chest pain include the following:

  • CT scans
  • Blood count assessments
  • Electrocardiograms
  • X-rays

Information from tests can be used in a variety of ways, depending on the situation. Your doctor could see the results and find they validate an opinion they developed during a comprehensive exam. Or, a test could highlight a concern that your medical team wasn’t yet aware of, leading to an adjustment in your care in order to fully heal.

Your Lawyer Will Gather Evidence for You 

Injuries take time to heal, and it makes sense that an accident injury victim will not have the focus, time, or energy to learn about what additional documentation is needed to strengthen their claim and then go about obtaining the evidence. But there are support systems that can access evidence and negotiate a full and fair settlement for you. Talk to a Baltimore personal injury lawyer to learn about what settlement options are available to you following a chest injury as a result of a Maryland collision.

Are you suffering from chest pains after a Maryland car crash? It is essential you receive medical care you need to heal. There could be a path to financial recovery that would settle your medical bills and accident expenses. Share the details of your situation with the attorneys at Iamele & Iamele, LLP. Then, they will share options forward with you and will fight for your rights until a full compensation amount is secured. We are committed to our clients, and we know how to push back on denied or reduced settlement offers. Call 410-779-6160 today to schedule a no-cost consultation.

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