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Who Requests Independent Medical Examinations?


The complexities of insurance claims after a car accident injury can lead to the involvement of an Independent Medical Examination (IME). But who requests these examinations? Learning about IMEs before engaging with them is part of protecting your rights. Talk to a Baltimore personal injury lawyer about when insurance companies, lawyers, and even accident victims themselves may initiate these assessments.

Reasons for Maryland IME Requests

An IME is an evaluation conducted by a medical professional who can give an impartial report. The purpose is to assess the extent of injuries, such as those sustained in a car accident, and provide information that will inform what level of financial recovery is necessary. While the concept may seem straightforward, the motivations behind requesting an IME can vary.

For instance, because insurance companies are tasked with evaluating the validity of claims, they may request an IME to ensure that the claimed injuries are genuine and accurately assessed. Insurance adjusters may also seek an IME as a second opinion, to help them make informed decisions about the appropriate compensation for the victim. Or they may request an IME to challenge the extent of injuries reported by the claimant if they believe that the injuries are exaggerated or unrelated to the accident.

Additionally, when you hire a Baltimore car accident lawyer they may request an IME to ensure that the medical information is fair and unbiased. This could be an important way to strengthen a claim, especially if the lawyer suspects that the insurance company’s assessment might be skewed to minimize the compensation owed to the victim. It is also possible a lawyer will recommend an IME to address conflicting information and fortify a claim.

When You Might Want to Hire an IME

As a person seeking recovery after a car accident, there are instances where hiring an IME independently could be beneficial, such as if an insurance company’s view of the situation seems biased. Hiring an independent examiner can provide an alternative perspective.

You don’t have to research independent medical examiners on your own. Skilled legal teams have all the contacts you need if you are interested in pursuing independent healthcare reviews. Your lawyer can walk you through everything you will need to address all of your losses, both visible and hidden, so that all damages will be considered in the compensation claim process.

Whether requested by insurance companies, lawyers, or accident victims themselves, you need to fully understand the reasons for IMEs if you are in the middle of seeking damages for car collision injuries. So if your insurance company has asked you to undergo an IME, be sure to seek legal assistance. A Baltimore personal injury lawyer will fight to protect your rights and make you whole after a traffic accident.

How could an IME help (or hurt) your car accident claim? Bring all of your questions to the attention of experienced Baltimore lawyers at Iamele & Iamele, LLP. Legal experts are available to answer all of your inquiries. Contact us to book your fee-free appointment.

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