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Who Covers Occupational Therapy Costs?


Lasting physical and emotional impacts can follow Maryland vehicular accidents, and in some situations comprehensive medical care is required in order to facilitate recovery. For example, occupational therapy may be a crucial component of rehabilitation, playing a vital role in helping individuals regain independence and functionality.

It is essential to follow medical recommendations for all types of care in order to heal from accident-related injuries. If you are worried about the costs of occupational therapy and other supports your healthcare team is recommending, talk to a skilled Baltimore personal injury lawyer, a professional who is experienced in determining who will be responsible for accident expenses and pinpointing who will cover therapy costs.

A Specialized Form of Rehabilitation

Occupational therapy is aimed at helping individuals regain the ability to perform daily activities after an injury. This therapeutic approach addresses physical, cognitive, and emotional challenges resulting from a car accident, focusing on improving the individual’s overall quality of life.

Following a car accident, medical professionals may recommend occupational therapy to address a range of issues.

  • Regaining mobility. Occupational therapy helps individuals regain fine and gross motor skills, facilitating a return to normal daily activities.
  • Adapting to permanent injuries. Therapy professionals can assist in adapting to new physical limitations, promoting independence.
  • Cognitive rehabilitation. If a case involves brain injuries or cognitive impairments, occupational therapy aids in cognitive rehabilitation and functional adaptation.
  • Emotional care. Car accidents are traumatic events and often result in emotional distress, and therapy can provide strategies for coping with emotional challenges and rebuilding mental health.

Following medical recommendations, including those for occupational therapy, can play a significant role in supporting a personal injury claim. When pursuing compensation for your car accident injuries, being able to demonstrate that you have followed medical advice strengthens your case.

Determining Who Covers Occupational Therapy Costs

A final determination of who covers the costs of occupational therapy after a car accident could involve various settlement avenues. For instance, your health insurance may cover occupational therapy costs. To access more information, you could call your insurance company or have your attorney reach out to the organization to learn about the extent of your coverage and any potential limitations.

If the other party is at fault, their auto insurance may cover your medical expenses, including occupational therapy costs. And because Maryland is a no-fault state, personal injury protection coverage may be available through your auto insurance policy, which could be another route to cover medical expenses, including rehabilitation costs, regardless of fault.

In Maryland car accident situations where insurance coverage is insufficient or there are disputes surrounding responsibility, a Baltimore personal injury lawyer can pursue legal action against the at-fault party to seek compensation for occupational therapy costs and other damages.

Are you concerned about the rehabilitation costs associated with your treatment plan? Discuss your case with the skilled attorneys at Iamele & Iamele, LLP. Knowledgeable car accident lawyers can determine who will cover occupational therapy costs and ensure that you receive the necessary compensation for your rehabilitation and overall well-being. Contact us to book your fee-free appointment.

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