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What is the Maryland Criminal Injuries Compensation Board?


Approximately 19 million people become crime victims in the United States each year, according to a report from the National Crime Victim Bar Association. The expenses connected to a crime often go far beyond the actual criminal act, with costs totaling approximately $450 billion each year.

On a larger level, every crime victim has the right to seek compensation for harm or injury sustained during the criminal act. If the crime victim suffers an economic loss – such as a change in their ability to perform standard work duties – there may be additional compensation.

To gain a deeper appreciation of this issue, the following sections will explore an avenue of redress available to crime victims in Maryland – the Criminal Injuries Compensation Board (CICB). A department of the Maryland Department of Public Safety, the CICB is an agency designed to support the victims of certain crimes.

Which Crime Victims Can Apply to the CICB for Support?

The CICB allows the following types of people to apply for support:

  • Victims who sustained physical harm from a crime;
  • Victims who sustained psychological or emotional harm from a crime;
  • Family members who survive the death of a murder victim;
  • Dependents who survive the death of a murder victim; and
  • Any person who pays for the funeral services of a murder victim.

How Can Crime Victims Apply to the CICB for Support?

The CICB requires crime victims to file a report with the authorities within 72 hours of the criminal act. Additionally, the crime victim must be able to demonstrate at least $100 in expenses – or the absence of two weeks of wages or support payments – as a result of the crime.

Assuming the crime victim qualifies as outlined above, then there is an application requirement. The CICB application is available online in English and Spanish language formats. Upon completion of the application, the crime victim can submit the form to the CICB online, in person, by mail or via fax.

How Much Compensation is Available from CICB Programs?

There are strict limits on the amount of compensation available from CICB programs. At an absolute maximum, a crime victim can receive $45,000 in total compensation from the CICB. That being said, the CICB also places limits on specific types of expenses, including:

  • $45,000 for medical expenses;
  • $25,000 for disability payments;
  • $5,000 for psychological treatment;
  • $5,000 for funeral services;
  • $25,000 for total dependency payments; and
  • $17,000 for partial dependency payments.

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