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What If A Car Passenger Was Injured In A Crash?


Traffic accidents in Maryland can result in injuries, and while many people think of car accident injuries leading to driver harm, in reality there is the possibility for anyone in a car to be injured, including passengers. There are legal options if you need help paying for your medical expenses after a Baltimore or DC passenger injury.

As a passenger, liability will likely be less of an issue. After all, if you were injured as a passenger, you were not behind the wheel of the vehicle when the wreck occurred. But there can still be complexities to securing compensation, multiple insurance companies could be involved. Talk with a Baltimore car accident lawyer to learn how to proceed when seeking a settlement.

At-Fault State Laws

Maryland is one of the states that follows at-fault rules. This means the driver that is determined to be responsible for the accident, by authorities and other experts, is liable for damages, including financial expenses. There can be an ongoing debate about who is at fault, but that determination does not typically apply to passengers.

The insurance information of the involved parties will need to be assessed following a passenger injury. In some situations, the insurance policy of one driver will pay out for medical expenses incurred. But there are times when a percentage of fault will be given to multiple drivers, then there may be a couple or a few different payouts that lead to your final compensation sum.

Insurance coverage is required by law, so passengers have a right to compensation in most situations. But just because you should receive compensation does not mean talking to an insurance adjuster and explaining your need for financial damages will be easy. It is possible the insurer will try to delay payment, or push you to accept an amount that does not provide you with compensation for all of your injury expenses.

When a person sustains a major injury, moving past insurance negotiations and into a court of law may be the best path to secure the high amount needed. This could be true if a passenger was injured and is now living with life-long injuries that have reduced or stopped their ability to work and enjoy the daily life they lived prior to the collision.

Doctor Assessments and Police Reports

Talk to a Baltimore car accident lawyer about strengthening your claim. Obtaining a copy of the police report generated following the accident and your medical record will likely be necessary. Seeing a doctor as soon as possible means your injury and treatment plan will be connected to the event in an official document. Do not delay treatment after a wreck.

What happens when a person is injured as a car passenger? Talk to a legal professional first. Contact the legal team at Iamele & Iamele, LLP to understand your personal injury claim options. Our attorneys successfully secure compensation for individuals coping with injuries and large healthcare expenses in the Baltimore-Washington Metropolitan area. Contact us today for a free initial consultation.

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