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What Are Enhanced Drug Charges?


An array of serious consequences are possible when an individual is arrested on drug charges in the state of Maryland. Some of the possible penalties include financial fines, jail time, and the convicted party having to navigate a life with a criminal record. And when drug charges are enhanced, penalties can escalate.

To understand what enhanced drug charges are and what enhancement is applicable in your situation, discuss your situation with a Baltimore criminal lawyer.

Why Drug Charges Are Enhanced

Some drug arrest convictions carry enhancements in order to protect public safety as additional conviction penalties can deter future drug use and distribution. By imposing harsher penalties on those who are found in possession of drugs, law enforcement is sending a message to the community that drug use and distribution will not be tolerated.

Common examples of enhanced drug charges include the following.

  • Quantity of drugs. When an individual is found with a large quantity of drugs, drug charges can be enhanced. This is because the law assumes that someone in possession of a large amount of drugs intends to distribute them, rather than use them recreationally.
  • Location of arrest. If you are arrested in a location that is deemed a drug-free zone, such as near a school or in a public park, you may face enhanced charges. These areas are designated as drug free because the community has determined that drug activity near these locations is a greater threat to public safety.
  • Previous drug convictions. Prior criminal convictions on a person’s record complicates an arrest as it shows the offender is repeatedly disregarding Maryland laws. As a result, drug charges can be enhanced charges for subsequent drug offenses.

If you are facing enhanced drug charges, for one of the stated reasons above or due to another circumstance, it’s important to work with a skilled legal professional who can help you to understand your rights and options.

For instance, a Baltimore attorney who is familiar with Maryland laws, particularly when it comes to drug charges, can review the details of your case and determine whether the charges against you were properly enhanced. If not, they may be able to challenge the charges and work to have them dismissed.

Lawyers Can Also Work to Minimize Consequences

In addition to informing you of your rights throughout the criminal process, an attorney can use their skills to talk to prosecutors on your behalf. They may be able to negotiate with the prosecution team and come to a plea agreement or alternative sentencing solution, such as drug treatment instead of jail time. When this is possible, your penalties could be reduced, and a Baltimore criminal lawyer can connect you to the best possible outcome given the facts of your arrest.

What enhanced drug charges questions do you have? Fully understanding the charges against you is essential to protect your rights. Talk to the legal team at Iamele & Iamele, LLP about what options you have following a Maryland arrest. Schedule your initial, fee-free consultation today.

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