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Types of Compensation Available to Crime Victims in Maryland


The subject for discussion today involves an exploration of the types of compensation available to crime victims in Maryland. In general terms, victims have several legal options available to offset the harm or injury suffered during the commission of a crime. Through restitution, the Criminal Injuries Compensation Board and civil lawsuits, victims can obtain compensation for medical expenses, property damage and lost wages.

Restitution for Crime Victims in Maryland

Restitution is a legal term that aims to restore a victim to the same condition as before the crime. This mechanism is limited to costs that are directly associated with the underlying crime. Upon a criminal conviction, the court may order the perpetrator to pay the victim for harm or injury caused.

Restitution can involve payment for stolen or damaged property, medical or rehabilitation expenses and other costs related to the crime. If the convicted perpetrator does not make restitution payments, the court can withhold future payments and earnings, sending that money to the victim instead. In certain cases, restitution payments may be a condition of release, probation or parole.

Criminal Injuries Compensation Board in Maryland

The Criminal Injuries Compensation Board (CICB) is a division of the Maryland Department of Public Safety. The CICB aims to provide support and compensation to victims of crime in Maryland.

It is important to note that the CICB only applies to victims of certain crimes who can demonstrate costs above a certain threshold. There is also a reporting requirement and a cap on damages available to victims.

Civil Lawsuits for Crime Victims in Maryland

In the event that restitution and the CICB do not provide adequate compensation to a crime victim, there is also the possibility of a civil lawsuit. It is crucial to note that civil lawsuits have a different purpose than criminal trials. In the civil system, it is not a matter of guilt or innocence. Instead, the court determines whether the criminal perpetrator or another third party should be liable for harm or injury to the victim.

Overall, a civil lawsuit allows the victims of a crime – or their surviving family members – to pursue compensation for harm or injury suffered. With a lower evidentiary standard than the criminal system, it can be an efficient route for crime victims to hold a criminal perpetrator liable for their crime.

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