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The Importance Of Expert Witnesses In Malpractice Cases


Cases that are launched by Maryland victims of medical malpractice are often strengthened with the use of expert witnesses. While validating medical reports may be one reason to bring in an expert witness, they may also be able to provide invaluable insights, bridge knowledge gaps, and enhance the overall case.

To determine if witnesses could support your fight to hold a party responsible for medical harm, talk to a Baltimore medical malpractice lawyer. A skilled lawyer who has connected past clients in similar circumstances with the compensation they needed will use their background knowledge to fight for the recovery you deserve.

Evidence Beyond Medical Reports

Of course, medical reports are typically the foundation of any injury claim involving medical malpractice. These reports are incredibly valuable because they provide a detailed account of the patient’s medical condition and the treatment received, but relying solely on medical records may not be enough to make it clear that an individual was a victim of malpractice.

Expert witnesses bring a unique perspective to cases, one that goes beyond the content of medical records.

  • Standard of care insights. Because expert witnesses are professionals with a lot of experience in the relevant medical field, they can articulate the accepted practices and procedures that should have been expected and followed compared to what a patient received.
  • Bridging knowledge gaps. Medical malpractice cases can involve complicated medical concepts and terminology. If there is information that may be challenging for a layperson or a jury to grasp, expert witnesses can break down complexities and present them in a comprehensible way in order for informed decisions to be made.
  • Offering a credible opinion. The testimony of an expert witness who is credible and has impressive qualifications can bolster a person’s right to recovery by offering an authoritative voice that supports the claim of medical negligence.
  • Proving causation. In injury cases, it’s essential to draw connections between the alleged event and the resulting harm, and an expert witness can share how the negligent actions directly led to the patient’s injuries.

In short, the right expert witness can offer a deeper understanding of the medical complexities involved in a case.

Choosing the Right Expert

What type of professional will be an effective expert witness for your case will depend on the details of your situation. For instance, medical professionals, such as doctors, surgeons, nurses, and other healthcare providers may be appropriate. In other circumstances, financial experts can provide insights into the economic impact of the malpractice, which can be particularly important when a case involves long-term care needs or lost income.

A Baltimore medical malpractice lawyer can review your case and inform you of our options, including if an expert witness will help in creating a compelling narrative and countering any defenses raised by the opposing party.

Who will be your expert witness? Make an appointment with the Baltimore injury lawyers at Iamele & Iamele, LLP to discuss your medical expenses and hopes for the future. Contact us to book a no-cost, confidential consultation.

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