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Technical And Non-Technical Probation Violations


Many people who are offered the possibility of probation find it to be an attractive option. After all, if you are facing time in jail, probation may be a way to spend less time incarcerated or avoiding jail completely. But, if you are on probation, it is essential that you do not violate the terms. If you do, penalties will escalate.

A Baltimore criminal lawyer has the knowledge you need following a Maryland arrest. Probation may be explored, depending on the situation. And if you are on probation and are accused of a violation, it is important for you to understand if the violation is technical or non-technical. Generally, a non-technical violation will lead to more significant consequences. Whatever your situation, connect with a skilled attorney to determine next steps.

Understanding Distinction Between Technical and Non-Technical

The less severe of the two, a technical probation violation does not involve an arrest or summons and is not a violation of a no-contact order. Additionally, there is no absconding. Absconding means secretly avoiding a situation, behaving in a way to willfully evade the supervision your probation requires.

Common violations in the technical category include not appearing for a mandatory alcohol treatment session, missing a probation officer appointment, or failing to update your address with the correct authority. While the punishments are not as undesirable as those connected to non-technical violations, technical violations do still carry penalties. You could be facing two weeks in jail for a first violation. There are increases in jail time for second and third violations.

Non-technical violations, when crimes are committed, could result in you having to serve the entirety of your original sentence that was suspended by the judge who granted you probation.

Talk to a Maryland  Attorney

Working with a Baltimore criminal lawyer is a path to learning about the possibility of probation when being convicted of a crime. Then, you may be able to complete the terms of probation rather than serve jail time. In the unfortunate situation that you are then accused of violating the conditions of your Maryland probation, you will already have an attorney who is familiar with the details of your circumstances. There could have been a misunderstanding they could clear up for you that would allow you to complete your probation successfully without being incarcerated or, at minimum, serving the least amount of time possible given the particulars of your case.

Do you want to learn more about probation and have a legal expert assess if it is an option for you? Or are you unsure what to do after being accused of a probation violation? After an arrest for a crime in Baltimore or the DC area, you need a legal professional on your side. Someone who can assess the details of your situation and determine the best strategy given the specifics of your unique case. When you are ready to discuss a strong path forward, contact Iamele & Iamele, LLP.  Our experienced legal team will work to protect your rights. Contact us today for a confidential, no-cost consultation.

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