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Snowy Car Crash Leads to DUI Charges for Virginia Man


After initiating a car accident in the snow, a Virginia man faces charges for 17 different traffic offenses, including driving under the influence (DUI), as reported by The Washington Post.

This car accident happened at approximately 2:45 a.m. on January 4th in Montgomery County, Virginia. In the midst of heavy snowfall, the Virginia man rolled through a red light. That is when a police officer began pursuit, tailing the Virginia man.

After a seven-minute pursuit, the Virginia man began to swerve. After crossing into the opposite lane, the Virginia man crashed into a parked car. The force of the impact almost sent the Virginia man’s car into the air. But the car came crashing back to the ground. Miraculously, the Virginia man was able to exit the car under his own power.

Once the dust and snow settled, the police officer arrested the Virginia man and administered a test for blood-alcohol concentration (BAC). The Virginia man registered a 0.14 BAC, which is well above the legal limit. As a result, authorities charged the Virginia man with 17 different traffic offenses, including DUI, reckless driving and evading the police.

The Virginia man is just one of many drunk drivers Montgomery County Police Department rounded up this holiday season. Using a series of DUI checkpoints, these police officers protect public safety by preventing drunk driving. Over the course of eight weeks, these police officers have arrested almost 200 people for potential DUI charges.

Considering the impact of this news development, it seems like an appropriate time to review Maryland laws and penalties concerning DUI.

What are the Laws in Maryland for DUI?

The state-specific definition of DUI appears in Code of Maryland 21-902. Under this statute, it is unlawful for an intoxicated person to drive a car or operate other vehicles. Concerning alcohol, specifically, Maryland employs a statewide limit of 0.08 BAC. Though it is important to note that intoxication can derive from substances other than alcohol, including illegal drugs and pharmaceuticals.

What are the Penalties in Maryland for DUI?

The state-specific penalties for DUI appear in Code of Maryland 21-902 as well. Maryland employs a scaled system, with penalties increasing for multiple DUI offenses.

For example, please find below the penalties for the first and second DUI offenses.

  • First Offense – The offender may face $1,000 in fines, 180 days of driver’s license suspension, 12 months in jail and 12 points on their driving record.
  • Second Offense – The offender may face $2,000 in fines, 12 months of driver’s license suspension, 24 months in jail and 12 points on their driving record.

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