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Seeking Justice For Plastic Surgery Errors


People turn to plastic surgery to enhance their appearance or correct physical imperfections. While most plastic surgeries are successful and clients are pleased with the results, occasionally errors occur, leading to devastating consequences for the patients involved.

When plastic surgery errors happen due to medical professionals being incompetent or negligent, compensation is possible. Talk to a Baltimore personal injury lawyer about next steps, including pursuing legal action or filing medical claims.

Plastic Surgery Mistakes and Consequences for Patients

As is true with other medical procedures, there are a range of errors that can occur when pursuing plastic surgery. In some cases, surgeons commit errors during the procedure itself, such as making incisions in the wrong location, damaging nerves or blood vessels, or leaving foreign objects inside of a patient’s body.

Or there are situations where a patient is not given anesthesia properly. Anesthesia errors including patients having adverse reactions to the drugs administered or an inadequate dosage leading to a patient waking up during surgery, causing psychological trauma.

And like any surgical procedure, proper aftercare is essential because plastic surgeries carry the risk of infection. So proper sterilization protocols need to be followed and there needs to be effective postoperative care and patient monitoring plan in place to avoid hematoma formation and wound infections. When complications occur, there is often the need for additional medical interventions, delaying a patient’s recovery.

Plastic surgery errors can have significant physical, emotional, and financial consequences for patients, including the following undesirable outcomes.

  • Disfigurement or scarring. A failed plastic surgery procedure can result in a permanent alteration of the patient’s appearance, which can have a profound impact on their quality of life and confidence. For some, it even impacts their career trajectory.
  • Chronic pain. When a procedure inflicts nerve damage, chronic pain and physical discomfort are possible, hindering the patient’s ability to be productive and perform daily tasks.
  • Emotional toll. Plastic surgery gone wrong can take an emotional toll on patients. Some have reported anxiety, depression, or even post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) as a result of their negative plastic surgery experience.
  • Financial burden. Correcting plastic surgery errors is often a top priority for patients, and doing so typically requires additional medical procedures and treatments. This additional care beyond the expected plastic surgery expenses can lead to a substantial financial burden for the patient and their family.

Consult with a Skilled Maryland Attorney

If you have been a victim of a plastic surgery mistake, it is essential to consult with an experienced Baltimore personal injury lawyer who specializes in medical malpractice cases. They can provide valuable guidance and support throughout the compensation process.

Is a healthcare professional responsible for the postoperative complications you experienced following a plastic surgery procedure? Connect with legal representation from the team at Iamele & Iamele, LLP. Attorneys are available to help you navigate the complexities of medical malpractice claims, and legal professionals work tirelessly to obtain the compensation you deserve and hold negligent medical professionals accountable. Contact us to book your fee-free appointment.

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