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Scooter Accident Injuries In Maryland


A popular alternative to driving a car, many enjoy getting around Baltimore by scooter. They are compact and efficient, without the financial drain of needing to regularly fill the gas tank of a car or truck. For these and other reasons, among them that they are more environmentally friendly than auto travel, scooters are an attractive transportation option for young professionals and college students.

While there are many benefits, there are also risks when operating a scooter as the rider is exposed should an accident occur. Because of this, there are guidelines in place to help protect individuals on Maryland streets. For example, scooter riders must wear eye protection and a motorcycle helmet to help them avoid severe harm should they lose control of the scooter, be hit by a car, or inadvertently drive into a building or object.

Safe Riding and Health Assessments

Accidents are called accidents for a reason, and it is impossible to guard yourself from all possibility of harm when operating a scooter, but the following steps can help.

  • Always wear protective clothing and a helmet when riding.
  • Do not assume you are visible, be alert in your surroundings.
  • Never operate a scooter under the influence.
  • Respect traffic laws and share roadways appropriately.

And acting responsibly extends to the time after an injury is sustained as well. For instance, don’t assume an injury is small and will heal on its own, have your health assessed by a medical professional right away, to protect your health and provide the documentation you need should a future legal action be required.

Thousands and thousands of dollars in medical expenses is possible after a scooter accident. And these high fees happen quickly if a person is hospitalized or requires surgery. Medical expenses can devastate a family’s finances, even if they have health insurance, either a benefit through their workplace or coverage they purchased on the health exchange.

Product Malfunction and Individual Responsibility

Some accidents are the result of a scooter malfunction. In these cases, your attorney will talk to you about the possibility of accessing settlement funds from the company who designed or manufactured the scooter. And if the scooter itself was performing as it should, an individual whose negligence led to the accident could be held accountable.

Scooter injuries range in severity. Medical fees, lost wages, and emotional pain and suffering are all possible. Suffering when another was negligent should not extend to you paying expenses they are responsible for occurring in the first place. If you or someone you care about was hurt in a scooter accident, speak to a veteran Baltimore personal injury lawyer. An attorney with years of experience can guide you through all of the options to recovery that could be available.

Are you curious about monetary recovery after a Baltimore shooter accident? Connect with a compassionate attorney who has the skills you need. The attorneys at Iamele & Iamele, LLP will compassionately listen to how your accident happened, what injuries were sustained, and your hopes when it comes to settlement outcomes. To get your claim started, schedule a free consultation, call 410-779-6160.

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