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Recovery Pursuits And MMI


The aftermath of a Maryland truck accident may include medical treatments, vehicle repairs, and dealing with insurance claims. If you or someone you care about is moving through this process, know that Maximum Medical Improvement (MMI) could be part of your recovery and legal pursuit.

To learn more about MMI and other forms of evidence that are essential for achieving a full and fair settlement following a truck accident, have a conversation with a Baltimore personal injury lawyer.

Importance of MMI for Truck Accident Victims

MMI is a term used in the medical and legal fields to describe the stage in a patient’s recovery where their condition has stabilized. At this point, further recovery or improvement is not expected. Understand that this does not necessarily mean that the person has fully recovered. It could mean that they have reached a plateau in their healing process.

For truck accident victims in Maryland, reaching MMI is critical for several reasons.

  • Assessment of long-term impacts. Before reaching MMI, it can be challenging to accurately pinpoint possible ongoing effects of injuries. Knowing the full extent of your injuries and any permanent limitations is essential for calculating the true cost of your medical expenses and treatment needs.
  • Determining fair compensation. Insurance companies often wait until a victim has reached MMI before agreeing to a settlement because this report allows for a clearer understanding of the total medical costs and the impact on the victim’s life. Settling a claim before reaching MMI can result in inadequate compensation.
  • Legal and financial clarity. Reaching MMI provides clarity on the legal and financial aspects of your case. A comprehensive settlement package is vital to ensure that all current and future needs are addressed.

If you’ve been injured in a truck accident in the Baltimore area, immediately seek medical care. Document all treatments and follow the prescribed recovery plan. Your healthcare team can address your injuries, walk you through an appropriate treatment plan, and at a later date, if needed, draft your MMI report.

Follow Up on Medical Treatments

Regularly follow up with your healthcare providers and ensure all treatments and recovery processes are documented. This documentation will be crucial for your claim. And as you heal, connect with an experienced truck accident attorney who can guide you through the legal process. They will help gather evidence, communicate with insurance companies, and ensure your rights are protected.

Being patient and waiting until you reach MMI is also key. Your Baltimore personal injury lawyer can look over any settlement offers you have received and share with you when it is in your best interests to wait and when is a good time to accept a financial offer. Your attorney can help negotiate a fair settlement that fully reflects your losses and expenses.

Were you thinking of accepting a settlement offer until someone on your healthcare team mentioned waiting until reaching MMI? By working closely with medical professionals and the skilled attorneys at Iamele & Iamele, LLP you can navigate the complexities of your recovery and legal pursuits effectively. Contact us to book your confidential appointment.

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