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Premises Liability And Shopping In Maryland


Shopping serves a useful purpose, and it can be an enjoyable activity, but there are situations that lead to shopper injuries. Maryland retailers and property owners have specific responsibilities, including ensuring a safe shopping environment for store guests and employees. After a shopping center injury, talk to a Baltimore personal injury lawyer about legal avenues for recovery, particularly if safety responsibilities were neglected.

Common Incidents Resulting from Premises Liability Failures

Maryland retailers and property owners have a legal duty to maintain a safe environment. This includes regular inspections and maintenance so potential hazards can be identified and corrected, such as repairing uneven flooring, addressing slippery surfaces, and ensuring that walkways are clear of obstacles.

Additionally, adequate security measures need to be in place to protect individuals using the property from criminal activities. Depending on the business and its location, this may involve proper lighting in parking lots or surveillance systems. In some cases security personnel presence is necessary.

While many business owners take their responsibilities seriously, there are also unfortunate situations where shopping center managers or retailers breach their duty of care. Then, any of the following could lead to the need for accident-injury recovery.

  • Slip and fall incidents. Walking surfaces that are uneven, floors wet with cleaning products, and neglected spills can lead to slip and fall incidents. If retailers do not promptly address these issues to prevent accidents, they could be held accountable.
  • Security lapses. Poor lighting, absence of necessary security personnel, or malfunctioning surveillance systems can contribute to criminal activities. If shoppers or retail staff are put at risk and harmed, a claim could be viable.
  • Product liability issues. Any product that has a known issue needs to be either pulled from the shelves or the product defect needs to be shared with the public. Failure to remove or warn can result in injuries to shoppers, then a product liability claim may arise if a shopper is harmed due to a faulty item.

After suffering an injury in a Florida retail establishment, be sure to get medical attention for your injuries, even if they initially seem minor. You will also want to inform the store or property owner about the incident in a timely manner, and request a copy of the incident report that they generate for your records.

Legal Recourse for Injured Shoppers

Maryland shoppers have the right to seek compensation for injuries resulting from premises liability failures, so as soon as you consider pursuing damage recovery, reach out to an experienced injury lawyer who specializes in premises liability cases.

Once you share the facts about how your injury was sustained with a Baltimore personal injury lawyer, they will put a value on your claim, gather evidence on your behalf, negotiate with insurance companies, and, if necessary, represent you in court.

Are you recovering from an injury that was a direct result of a poorly maintained retail establishment? Discuss your injury expenses with the knowledgeable Baltimore injury lawyers at Iamele & Iamele, LLP.  Skilled lawyers are available to secure the justice and compensation you deserve. Contact us to book your fee-free appointment.

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