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Official Records Can Support Your Dog Attack Injury Claim


Dog bites, as well as other types of animal attack injuries, can be emotionally upsetting and lead to severe physical injuries. Some find it uncomfortable to move forward with a personal injury claim because the animal is the pet of a friend or neighbor, but you may need damage recovery in order to pay for extensive doctor bills and cope with emotional distress.

Claims can be strengthened with official records. A few steps that could help your claim include calling police so a police report can be filed in a timely fashion, gathering the contact information of the individual who owns the animal, and having your injuries treated promptly. A Baltimore personal injury lawyer can look over the details of your case and strategize the best path forward.

Animal Owner Information and Police Reports

There are multiple forms of documentation that can support your need for financial damage recovery. A couple of the important pieces are knowing who owns the animal and contacting law enforcement. When animal control or police are on the scene they will document what happened and how. You can request a copy of the report as well.

Witness statements can also be helpful as well as physical evidence, such as torn clothing or a fence that was broken. While taking pictures is a good way to document evidence, also keep items when possible. For example, if a dog bit through the leg of your pants, take a photo of the injury and the torn pants but keep the pants as well.

Seeking medical attention promptly is important so you can access the treatment you require to heal properly. Your healthcare provider can also record the extent of your injuries and if future treatments will be required in order for you to fully heal.

Scars May Require Cosmetic Surgeries

When there are severe injuries to the face or neck, cosmetic procedures may be part of a treatment plan. Some of the treatments that could be discussed include the following.

  • Laser skin resurfacing or dermabrasion
  • Steroid injections or medications to reduce scar size
  • Movement of skin through surgery

Some individuals need surgeries for issues other than cosmetic concerns. For instance, motion problems from dog bites are possible when a person is attacked on the hands.

After an animal attack, an experienced Baltimore personal injury lawyer can let you know how compensation could be achieved. If you were hurt on another person’s property, their homeowner’s insurance could cover dog bite expenses, including doctor bills and property damage.

Are you recovering from a dog bite? Was the animal a pet of a Baltimore neighbor or a friend who lives in DC? Even if the animal owner is someone in your family or social circle, there are settlement options, whatever your circumstance. You need an attorney working for you. Contact the legal team at Iamele & Iamele, LLP. Our attorneys successfully help individuals move past an injurious or criminal event in the Baltimore-Washington Metropolitan area. Contact us today for a free initial consultation.

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