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Obtaining A Baltimore Car Accident Report


An accident report contains important information about a vehicular crash, including the names of the parties involved, the location of the accident, and any injuries sustained. Obtaining a copy of an accident report is critical if you plan to file a personal injury claim in the state of Maryland.

While there are ways to gather the documentation you need to support your Maryland injury claim on your own, a Baltimore personal injury lawyer can collect documentation for you, as well as provide you with legal expertise and fight for a full and fair recovery package.

Steps to Getting a Baltimore Report

If you are interested in obtaining a report, here is some important information you need to know:

  • Contacting the Baltimore police department. Serious accidents will involve law enforcement. If this is true for you, the Baltimore Police Department will likely have a copy of the accident report. What you will need to do is contact the department’s records unit and request a report. They will likely ask for specific information from you in order to provide you with the relevant information.
  • Get in touch with the state transportation department. If the accident was not investigated by law enforcement, meaning the police did not come to the scene and file a report, you can contact the Maryland Department of Transportation to request accident documentation. You will likely need to pay a fee and supply information about the accident, including the date, time, location, and the names of the parties involved in order for the documentation to be obtained.
  • Contact an attorney. And if you are planning to connect with a Maryland personal injury attorney in order to secure a full and fair claim amount, hiring a lawyer early in the process is helpful. One of the many things an attorney can do for you is obtain a copy of the accident report. Then, they can use the information contained in the report to build your case.

Accident reports and other documents will outline any injuries sustained along with the extent of the harm, insurance adjusters and attorneys need them to access facts about a case.

Additional Ways an Attorney Can Help

In addition to doing the legwork such as obtaining the Baltimore car accident report, an attorney will review the documentation and can work to establish liability for the accident. If the report shows that the other driver was at fault, this can be powerful evidence in your personal injury claim.

The ways that a Baltimore personal injury lawyer can give you assistance and support will depend on the details of your accident injury and what your objectives are when it comes to financial relief.

Do you have questions about what types of documentation are needed to ensure you get the monetary settlement you deserve? A Baltimore and DC injury lawyer can collect all of the evidence you need, including the accident report, and guide you through the legalities of the personal injury claims process. Talk through your accident injuries and possible paths to recovery with the legal team at Iamele & Iamele, LLP. Contact us to book your no-cost consultation.

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