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Maryland Dog Attacks And Delivery Drivers


In recent years, individuals have turned to online shopping more and more. What was once a handy option from time to time is now used consistently in Maryland homes and in households around the country. Usually, delivery drivers and postal carriers are able to deliver packages and boxes without incident. But there are unfortunately times when mail carriers and delivery personnel are bit by dogs, bites which require medical care.

According to one report by the United States Postal Service, postal workers suffer nearly 7,000 dog attacks each year. And this figure does not include individuals delivering packages who are not employed by the USPS. It is the responsibility of dog owners to have their animals leashed or inside behind a closed door when items are being delivered. If you or someone you care about is healing from a Maryland animal attack and are now wondering how you will financially recover from lost wages and pending medical expenses, talk to a Baltimore personal injury lawyer. 

Steps Dog Owners Can Take to Protect Delivery Workers 

It is common for animal owners to forget that their animal will behave differently around strangers than they do with the owner and their family. Dogs need to be trained and restrained. When UPSP workers, FedEx drivers, and employees of a variety of other delivery services approach a home, it is possible a dog will see that person as a threat. To keep delivery workers safe, one or all of the following strategies should be used.

  • Dogs that are outside need to be restrained.
  • Have animals in an interior room of home if you need to sign for a delivery or interact with a driver.
  • Instruct kids to not open the door on their own as a pet can run out.
  • If an option through your delivery platform, request items to simply be left on the porch.

An animal attack could result in a premise liability claim. Your home insurance may include animal attacks. In the event of a dispute, an experienced attorney can review your coverage with you. 

Connect with a Personal Injury Lawyer After an Animal Attack 

If you are a delivery driver who was bit by a dog while on the job in DC or if you are a Maryland homeowner who is unsure what to do after your animal bit someone in your yard, discuss your situation with a Baltimore personal injury lawyer. Premise liability claims can be complicated, a seasoned legal team can guide you through the process. 

Were you bit by a dog in the DC area and want the negligent animal owner to be held accountable for your bite injuries? The experienced legal team at Iamele & Iamele, LLP in Baltimore, Maryland has the compassion, knowledge, and skill you need. Share your story with a skilled personal injury attorney to fully understand what options are available. When a pet owner does not train their dog properly, you should not be responsible for the medical fees incurred after an animal bite. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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