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Maryland Cop Faces Assault & Misconduct Charges After Forceful Arrest


A Maryland law enforcement officer faces charges for police misconduct and second-degree assault after making an excessively forceful arrest, according to an article by ABC News.

A video recording of this incident surfaced on social media. During a drug-related arrest, the police officer appeared to use his knee to slam a suspect’s face into the ground. As the suspect was already in handcuffs, there is a legitimate question as to whether the officer used excessive force in the course of this arrest.

This drug case started when the suspect posted on social media about psychedelic mushrooms, which are illegal in Maryland. As a result of that post, the police department reached out to the suspect and attempted to buy mushrooms illegally.

The suspect arranged to meet and conduct an illegal drug deal at a local fast-food restaurant on July 3rd. But instead of an actual customer, four police officers arrived at the restaurant. These officers informed the suspect of his rights and attempted to complete an arrest.

According to the charging documents, the suspect initially resisted arrest inside the restaurant. But the officers were able to handcuff the suspect and take him outside. At that point, the officers attempted to search the suspect for illegal drugs and other contraband.

The video recording took place outside the restaurant, where the officer claims the suspect spit on him. That is when the police officer in question used his knee to smash the suspect’s face into the ground. The officer also allegedly pulled the suspect’s shirt over his face as well. The suspect’s booking photo indicated multiple bruises and scrapes on his face, including his eye, nose, mouth, and chin.

As a result of this incident, the police officer in question was suspended and placed on administrative leave. He was also charged with second-degree assault, which could lead to a maximum of 10 years in prison. The officer also faces police misconduct charges, the punishment for which is largely discretionary.

In addition to the charges filed against the police officer, the suspect in question also faces several charges as a result of this incident, including:

  • Two counts of possession with intent to distribute;
  • On count of resisting arrest; and
  • On count of second-degree assault.

At this point, state prosecutors will complete their investigation into the criminal charges against the police officer and the suspect. At the conclusion of the criminal cases, there will be an internal investigation into the police misconduct charges as well. The officer in question could face additional discipline from the police department.

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