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Maryland Blindspot Collisions


Sometimes referred to as sideswipe accidents, blindspot collisions is a term used to describe how one vehicle hits the side of another because one driver fails to check their blind spots. This can occur when a driver is moving to pass another vehicle or when they are merging out of a parking spot and onto a roadway.

You need a legal expert on your side if you are trying to obtain the largest settlement possible following a blindspot collision, rollover, or multi-car accident in Maryland. Insurance negotiations and lawsuits can be complicated and taking care of yourself while you heal from an injury may be taking up your thoughts and energy. Focus on your own health and have an aggressive Baltimore personal injury lawyer fight for your damage recovery.

Checking and Avoiding Blind Spots

To stay as safe as possible on Maryland roadways, you need to be aware of where your blind spots are and when you are in the blind spots of other drivers. Blind spots are the area around a vehicle that can’t be seen in your field of vision or through using your mirrors, either the side mirrors or the rearview mirror.

Blind spots are possible when the windshield pillar or other obstacle obstructs your view. Cargo within your vehicle can be a danger, for example. To be sure you are able to merge or change lanes safely, you need to manually check a blind spot, meaning you turn your head and look over your shoulder. Obviously, this needs to be done quickly, as you need to return to your normal field of vision quickly to travel safely.

In addition to manually checking blind spots when driving, adjusting mirrors before leaving for a journey is important. You can’t have a clear view of the area surrounding your vehicle if your mirrors are not positioned correctly. All three driver mirrors, the one on the left, the one on the right, and the rearview mirror, all need to be adjusted so you have a clear view of what is happening around your vehicle.

Maryland Accidents and Shared Blame

If you were the individual who sideswiped another vehicle but believe you are not completely to blame, you need to protect your rights. It is possible the other driver contributed to the accident because they were driving erratically or aggressively, for example. Make an appointment with a Baltimore personal injury lawyer to discuss paths forward right away.

Were you hurt in a Baltimore crash because another driver failed to check their blind spot before merging? It is possible an insurance adjuster will try to shift the blame toward your driving behaviors. To be sure you are receiving a full and fair compensation amount, hire the attorneys at Iamele & Iamele, LLP. Even if an insurance company has told you they can’t go any higher, you may be able to access far more with a lawyer negotiating on your behalf. To get started, book your free consultation today. Contact us to schedule an appointment.

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