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Indicators Of Workplace Repetitive Use Injuries


Repetitive use injuries are possible when a person is performing the same motion regularly and repeatedly. These types of injuries are also sometimes referred to as overuse injuries or repetitive motion injuries. While they are a common workplace injury, a repetitive use injury is also possible in connection with everyday duties and leisure pursuits.

Employees from a range of industries have filed workers’ compensation claims due to repetitive use injuries. It can be a frustrating position to be in as you need to take time off of work because of the harm, you may be worried about your finances from lost wages, and you are unable to participate in activities you typically enjoy in your free time because of the pain. If you need guidance on how to secure the funds you need after a workplace injury, talk to a Baltimore personal injury lawyer.

Repetitive Use Injury Symptoms and Diagnoses

Pain is the most common reported symptom when it comes to repetitive use injuries. For some the pain is a dull ache, others experience shooting pains. Additionally, a person may experience swelling, stiffness, tingling, numbness, and temperature sensitivity.

All symptoms need to be taken seriously. Share your experiences with a doctor as soon as possible. Achieving a full recovery is more likely when an early diagnosis is established and a course for treatment can be put in place.

You may receive any of the following diagnoses:

  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • De Quervain’s tenosynovitis
  • Tendonitis
  • Lateral epicondylitis, also known as tennis elbow

When these conditions go untreated, there is the possibility of them becoming chronic. To perform everyday tasks without pain and avoid disability, having your health issue addressed without delay is essential.

Technique and Proper Equipment

Naturally, some occupations are more prone to repetitive use injuries than others. These injuries have appeared for workers employed at businesses with assembly lines, heavy computer use, carpentry duties, nursing tasks, or construction requirements. Leisure sports, such as running, golf, and tennis have also led to pain from repetitive use injuries.

For some, injuries can be avoided with technique, such as taking breaks in order for muscles to rest or using proper form when working at a computer keyboard or using a tool. Alongside technique, the right equipment is beneficial in reducing the likelihood of repetitive use injuries. This could include using a hand truck in a warehouse position or automating some tasks on an assembly line, if possible.

If you believe your employer is responsible for your repetitive use injury, discuss compensation options with a Baltimore personal injury lawyer.

Are you coping with ongoing pain because of a repetitive use injury? If your injury is due to your work, you could be eligible for compensation through a Maryland workers’ compensation claim. Many Baltimore-Washington Metropolitan area employers have a responsibility to carry the right amount of coverage to keep their workers safe. To learn what is possible given the details of your specific situation, contact the legal team at Iamele & Iamele, LLP. Contact us to book your initial appointment.

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