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Expungement In Maryland Criminal Cases


For individuals with a criminal record, the shadow of past mistakes can linger long after they’ve paid their debt to society. This can be extremely stressful and depressing for individuals who are doing all they can to move their lives forward after a run in with the law.

For some, there is a legal avenue in the state of Maryland that can potentially erase or seal a criminal record. Expungement isn’t an option for everyone, but it may be an option for you. Talk to a Baltimore criminal lawyer to learn more.

Attorneys are available to assist when people would benefit from legal support. Legal teams know how to navigate the expungement process, helping people achieve a fresh start and create a brighter future.

Who Is Eligible for Expungement in Maryland?

Expungement is the legal process of erasing or sealing criminal records, effectively removing them from public view. This means that, in the eyes of the law, the individual’s criminal record is treated as if it never existed. There are various types of records, including arrests, charges, and convictions, that could be eligible for expungement.

Each state has its own rules when it comes to sealing records. In Maryland, the expungement process can be complex and requires strict adherence to specific eligibility criteria and procedural requirements. Generally, individuals may be able to expunge a record if one or more of the following apply.

  • The individual was acquitted of the charges.
  • Charges were dismissed.
  • The person was granted probation before judgment for certain offenses.
  • While there was a conviction for certain minor offenses, the person has satisfied all sentencing requirements.
  • The party seeking an expungement was convicted of a non-violent misdemeanor before turning 21 and has completed all sentence requirements.

Examples of Maryland cases eligible for expungement include charges for certain drug offenses, theft offenses, and misdemeanors such as disorderly conduct.

Why Seek Legal Representation?

While the expungement process may seem straightforward, attempting to secure the outcome you are seeking by yourself could be fraught with potential pitfalls. Even a small error or oversight in the application could lead to a denial, prolonging the process and your opportunity for a fresh start.

An experienced Baltimore criminal lawyer can provide invaluable assistance. With in-depth knowledge of Maryland’s expungement laws and procedures, attorneys will work to ensure your application is prepared accurately and submitted correctly. A legal professional advocating on your behalf also means you will have an expert on your side to address any challenges that may arise. For example, in the event of a denial, an attorney can appeal the decision and continue fighting for an optimal outcome.

Do you want to talk about the possibility of having your record expunged? If you’re considering pursuing the process of having your criminal record sealed, don’t hesitate to seek legal guidance from the attorneys at Iamele & Iamele, LLP. With the expertise of a lawyer, you will increase your chances of successfully expunging your criminal past and reclaiming your life. Schedule a confidential consultation today to learn more, simply contact us.

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