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Evolving Legal Precedents And Maryland Negligent Security Cases


The state of Maryland has seen a surge in negligent security cases in recent years. This shift has shined a spotlight on how property owners have a responsibility to provide adequate safety measures for everyone who uses their space, staff, patrons, and visitors alike. As legal precedents continue to evolve, property owners must prioritize safety to mitigate the risk of liability. Additionally, injured individuals need to talk to a lawyer about compensation options.

Whether you are a business owner seeking to protect yourself from legal action or you are a person who was hurt at a Baltimore business, know that partnering with a knowledgeable attorney is a path to protecting your rights. Talk to a Baltimore personal injury lawyer about your unique situation.

Security Case Examples

Some negligent security cases are connected to violent acts. For instance, if a person is assaulted in a parking lot due to insufficient lighting and lack of security personnel, the harmed individual may be able to hold a property owner responsible for failing to implement reasonable security measures, particularly if there were previous incidents of criminal activity on the premises. Recently a Maryland court ruled for the plaintiff in one of these cases, setting a crucial precedent that property owners can be held liable for injuries resulting from foreseeable criminal acts on their premises.

Similarly, another recent case was brought forward by a tenant who was subjected to a violent home invasion due to inadequate security patrols. The plaintiff argued that the property management company failed in its duty to maintain a safe living environment. Due to this breach of security, a substantial settlement was awarded to the plaintiff. This case signals to property owners the potential consequences of neglecting their duty to ensure the safety of residents.

Discuss Your Situation with an Attorney

In the wake of recent legal actions, there has been a heightened emphasis on the implementation of robust security measures, including surveillance cameras, access control systems, and security personnel. Property owners are increasingly held to account for lapses in security protocols that expose individuals to unnecessary risks.

It’s crucial for individuals who have been harmed due to negligent security to connect with an attorney as soon as possible. Whether you’ve been injured in an assault, robbery, or other event on someone else’s property, legal professionals can assess the merits of your case and provide personalized guidance.

Skilled Baltimore personal injury lawyers are committed to advocating for victims of inadequate security measures. And it’s important to know that a lawyer’s role extends beyond legal representation, it also encompasses comprehensive support for injured individuals throughout the litigation process. From conducting investigations to collaborating with expert witnesses, a lawyer will leverage every resource to build a compelling case.

Why are you seeking out a negligent security attorney? If you were hurt on a Maryland property, lean on the dedicated legal team at Iamele & Iamele, LLP. Property owners have a responsibility to provide robust security measures in order to protect individuals from harm. When injuries are sustained, compensation could be in reach. Contact us to book your fee-free appointment.

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