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Claims For Broken Femurs Or Tibias


Leg fractures are possible when a person is hurt in a car crash or slip and fall accident. Being hit by an object can also lead to a bone break. The leg is composed of three different bones; the fibula, femur, and tibia. Wherever a bone break is sustained, swelling, tenderness, and pain are possible. Recovery timeframes range depending on the severity of the injury.

The biggest bone in the body is the femur, this is the bone that runs from your knee to your hip. Your lower leg consists of the tibia and the fibula. All three of these bones can break when there is excessive force, such as in a car accident. The kneecap can also be harmed, the patella bone could be fractured.

If you were diagnosed with a leg bone break when you sought medical care following a Maryland collision, talk to a Baltimore personal injury lawyer about compensation options. Whether you were treated by your primary care doctor or within an emergency room or urgent care facility, medical expenses are often part of a person’s damage recovery settlement.

X-Rays, MRIs, and Other Imaging Tools

Often a doctor will use an imaging tool to see inside a person’s body and determine the extent of a leg break injury. Images from an X-Ray, MRI, or CT Scan could be used as information to develop a treatment plan. Some breaks will heal with rest, immobilization, and physical therapy, but more severe breaks could require surgery.

Long, complicated recoveries can also lead to a person missing work. Time off work could be part of your damage recovery, and when you are able to gather the appropriate evidence, the settlement could be achieved solely through insurance negotiations with no need for litigation. Attorneys work to secure the amount you need, whether they are fighting for your rights through negotiation discussions or in a Maryland court of law.

Talk to an Attorney About Your Medical Fees and Other Expenses

When you are looking over the medical bills connected to a leg fracture and other accident expenses, you may experience anxiety over the high amounts owed. It is important to know that there could be a path to securing an insurance settlement or lawsuit award that would pay off all your medical fees and settle other accident expenses as well. A Baltimore personal injury lawyer will know how to strategize the best outcome for you and your family once they assess the particulars of your case.

Are you healing from a femur, kneecap, or fibula bone break? Bone breaks can lead to extensive medical fees and lost wages, particularly if surgery or other invasive medical treatments are required. To learn about the value of your leg break injury claim, hire the attorneys at Iamele & Iamele, LLP. Because experienced attorneys have worked on many cases involving fractures, they know what steps need to be taken to secure the damage recovery you need to move past an injurious event. Contact us to get started, schedule your free initial appointment today.

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