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Care Facilities And PTSD


Most have heard of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), but they may only associate it with warfare or criminal experiences. While a PTSD diagnosis can be a result of those experiences, the reality is that any traumatic event can result in PTSD. This is true for victims of domestic violence, traffic accidents, and abuse within a care facility. Mental health issues need to be addressed in order for a person to move toward a healthy future.

If you have noticed that a loved one in a nursing home or other care facility is experiencing distressing thoughts, anxiety, avoidance, aggressive tendencies, self-destructive behavior, or recurring nightmares, be sure their symptoms are looked into. And when there is suspicion of abuse or mistreatment, talk to a Baltimore personal injury lawyer about recovery options.

Facility Protocols and PTSD

Determining why the symptoms are manifesting is part of the recovery process. For example, some people do not transition smoothly to living in a long-time care facility. Symptoms of anxiety, depression, or PTSD can develop when individuals are upset about losing their autonomy or feel their dignity has been lessened. Inquiring about protocols and treatments is a first step to helping your loved one.

But if you believe the PTSD symptoms are occurring because of trauma experienced in the nursing home, discuss your situation with a legal professional. Elder abuse is a terrible reality, and the abuse could be from a caregiver, such as an overworked nursing home staff member. When a person has been abused and PTSD follows, you have a right to damage recovery.

Financial Recovery to Cover Expenses

When financial damages are pursued after nursing home neglect or abuse, the financial figure could be connected to settling the following expenses.

  • Medical fees and bills
  • Costs for past, current, and future therapy
  • Expenses connected to relocation
  • Fees for interim care
  • Emotional distress and strain

To strengthen your claim or case, your attorney will gather documentation to support your need for recovery. This could include witness accounts and data about past abuses.

Contact a Baltimore Lawyer Today

You can pursue compensation for negligence in the Baltimore-Washington Metropolitan area on your own, but a lawyer has the background to strengthen your case and provide you with legal guidance and support throughout the process.

Moving a loved one into a nursing home or other care center is done to protect them and provide them with security. When they are exhibiting symptoms of distress, it is essential the cause is determined. If abuse is part of the problem, accessing financial recovery could give you the monetary funds you need to access high-quality counseling. Talk to a Baltimore personal injury lawyer to learn more.

Do you suspect the PTSD your loved one is experiencing is connected to nursing home abuse? The skilled nursing home abuse attorneys at Iamele & Iamele, LLP in Baltimore, Maryland can help investigate your loved one’s circumstance and share resolution paths with you and your family. When you are ready to begin an attorney-client relationship, contact us for a free consultation.

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