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Car Wash Injuries And Settlement Offers


Visiting a car wash is supposed to be convenient. If you have gone to an automatic car wash in Maryland, you have likely done so believing it will be a short visit and you will exit the wash injury free with a clean car. While this is what happens to the majority of people who are seeking a clean car through a car wash, there are times when an equipment failure or other issue leads to customer injuries.

Monetary settlements are possible when a car wash owner does not maintain their equipment or has an unsafe property. To determine if you are able to secure monetary damages after a car wash injury, connect with a Baltimore personal injury lawyer.

Conveyor Belt Errors and Missing or Broken Signage

Managing and operating a business that is open to the public comes with responsibilities. If a reasonably safe environment is not upheld, injuries are possible. For example, any of the following could result in car wash injuries.

  • Equipment within the car wash malfunctions, leading to broken car windows and passenger or driver injuries.
  • Signage that lights up to direct people in their cars or trucks through the process was not functioning and a driver moved or remained stagnant when they should have done the opposite and were hurt as a result.
  • Conveyor belt that moves vehicles through the wash malfunctioned, and because the car driver believed they were trapped, they exited the vehicle and fell on a slippery surface or were harmed when the stalled equipment once again began its pre-programmed movement.

Someone at the car wash could immediately offer you cash for your injury, and they may ask you to sign a document stating they compensated you. Signing anything without a full understanding of how much your injuries will cost to treat or what your claim could be worth is not in your best interests. Tell them you need to talk to an injury attorney first.

Engage with an Attorney Without Delay

Maryland laws protect individuals when a business owner ignores dangers or manages their property in a reckless manner. It is possible the car wash was aware of a risk but did not take steps to notify others or fix the issue. A Baltimore personal injury lawyer can investigate the situation and may be able to collect evidence proving the owner knew equipment was not performing safely and consistently.

Were you hurt while using an automatic car wash in Maryland or DC? While you may have been offered a recovery amount, be sure the figure is in line with the worth of our claim. A seasoned attorney can review your expenses and fight for a compensation award that will cover all of your bills and fees. Share the story of your car accident injury with the compassionate attorneys at Iamele & Iamele, LLP. Because our Baltimore, Maryland attorneys have years of experience, we know how to fight for a full and fair recovery. Book a confidential assessment today, contact us for a free consultation.

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