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Can A Lawyer Refuse To Take My Case?


You need a lawyer you trust when you are moving forward with a personal injury case or need a legal professional to defend you against a criminal charge. When you work with a lawyer who listens to the details of your issue and is then able to strategize a path forward, legal guidance could improve your situation. But if the relationship isn’t a good fit, it may be best for you to find another lawyer. It is uncommon, but an attorney may choose not to take on your case.

After being turned down by one attorney, you can always talk to another. Just because one attorney does not find the case to be a strong one, another could view it in another light. If you need guidance on where to turn after an injury, connect with a Baltimore personal injury lawyer.

Timing and Who is at Fault

Why an attorney may not want to take a case could be connected to a variety of issues. If it is a personal injury claim, the lawyer may feel the individual carries too much fault to make the relationship mutually beneficial. Contingency fees rely on a settlement being awarded, as a lawyer is paid a percentage of that settlement.

In other situations the timing isn’t right. There are statutes of limitations in place for personal injury cases. If the statute has expired, compensation may not be possible. A handful of circumstances allow a person to move toward justice after the statute of limitation has expired, but these are rare cases. An experienced attorney can inform you on how timing and filing guidelines apply to you.

Family Members Could Create a Conflict of Interest

Of course, there are also examples of a lawyer turning down a case for more personal reasons. For example, if the case is against a family member of the attorney, they would not be able to work on it because it would set up a conflict of interest.

It is important to note that finding the right attorney is not always as easy as making one phone call. Sometimes you connect with someone right away, but if you were denied representation, you can always reach out to another lawyer.

After an accident, injury or other event, talk to a Baltimore personal injury lawyer about your options. A skilled, experienced legal professional is familiar with the range of reasons why some lawyers do not take on claims. They will take time to look over your situation and assess it with fresh eyes. Then, if they feel it would be a good working relationship, they’ll take on the project. But even if they say no, there may be another lawyer out there who is the right match for you.

Are you trying to find a Baltimore lawyer you can trust? There are options, whatever your circumstance. You need an attorney working for you. Contact the legal team at Iamele & Iamele, LLP. Our attorneys successfully help individuals move past an injurious or criminal event in the Baltimore-Washington Metropolitan area. Contact us today for a free initial consultation.

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