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Baltimore Intersections Prone To Accidents


The thing about car accidents is they can happen anywhere that there are cars. There have been vehicular accidents in parking lots and on highways. But there are areas where more accidents occur. Intersections have a high accident rate around the country, and that is true in Baltimore as well, including the intersection at Orleans Street and Gay Street and the intersection of Washington Blvd and South Monroe.

Whether you were involved in a crash on a residential street or in a commercial district, you may be facing high expenses for medical care and property damage. An experienced legal team can help. Discuss the details of your accident with a Baltimore personal injury lawyer to determine a productive path to financial recovery. 

High Traffic and Misjudging Speeds 

There are a handful of reasons why interested ions are prone to collisions. The majority of them are connected to driver error, such as misjudging the speeds of other vehicles. Combine driver mistakes with traffic congestion and it makes sense that crashes happen when multiple streets or roads meet.

Some reasons for Baltimore accidents at or within intersections:

  • High traffic levels
  • Drivers trying to “make” a light before it changes
  • Poor visibility
  • Signage is poor, lacking, or misread
  • Traffic lights are malfunctioning
  • There is no dedicated turn lane
  • Bad road conditions
  • Failure to yield
  • Speeding or other aggressive driving behaviors
  • Not paying attention to bicyclists and pedestrians

Because it is impossible to avoid intersections when driving to work or traveling out to a social event, it is essential Maryland drivers do what they can to reduce accident risks. 

How to Reduce Intersection Collisions 

Because driver error is often the reason for intersection collisions, the safety of everyone on the roadways often lies with the drivers. Do not assume you know what other drivers will be doing. Instead, proceed cautiously through interactions, looking both ways and not racing through yellow lights.

Additionally, giving other cars plenty of space to maneuver and avoid the urge to enter the intersection with traffic is backed up and may not clear by the time the light changes. You could be stuck in the middle of the crossing and create a hazard.

But ultimately, you can only control your own actions. It is possible to be involved in an accident because of someone else’ reckless behavior. If you believe you are eligible for accident compensation after an intersection collision, connect with a Baltimore personal injury lawyer. Medical fees and property damage can be expensive, explore options for your financial future.

Is compensation possible for you following a Baltimore intersection accident? To find out, connect with a seasoned personal injury attorney. The skilled attorneys at Iamele & Iamele, LLP diligently work to secure full damage recovery amounts for individuals who have medical bills, lost wages, and property damage expenses. Share your story today so that you can learn how much your claim is worth. Then, low ball offers can be avoided. Our experienced legal team can provide you with a free consultation, simply call 410-779-6160.

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