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5 Things To Know About Maryland Workers’ Compensation Claims


Maryland workers’ compensation claims are not always simple. Complex claims may require multiple hearings and take months or years to fully resolve. While it is not required for you to hire a Baltimore workers’ compensation lawyer to pursue your claim, many find it helpful. Experienced legal professionals know how to navigate obstacles and negotiate with other involved parties, if needed.

Things to Know About Workers’ Comp 

  1. Even if you have a good relationship with your place of employment, you should not assume your best interests are being taken into account when navigating conversations with their insurance company. The insurer may be trying to find a way to deny your claim. They may even have their own attorney who looks over the details of the accident and determines if it is possible for the company to deny the benefits, which is another reason it can be helpful to have a legal expert on your side.
  2. While the injury needs to occur at work in order for you to be eligible for benefits, an injury occurring at a place of employment does not mean you are immediately eligible for compensation. Distinctions around the person’s employment status will be assessed,if you are a full employee or an independent contractor, for example.
  3. You, the injured party, have the responsibility of notifying your employer of your injury and your filing. There are deadlines to follow. If the appropriate notifications have not taken place or the appropriate timeline was not followed, the claim could be denied.
  4. Delays are common during the workers’ compensation claim process. If you are seeking payment for wages that were lost as a result of your injury, those payments could be delayed until the medical records surrounding the injury are gathered and submitted. Additionally, treatment itself can be delayed if it is not approved by your employer’s insurance carrier. There are even times when treatment is approved for a set amount of appointments but the issue persists after the cap has been reached, leading to another round of document submissions.
  5. Wage calculation for compensation will be connected to the amount you have earned in the few months prior to the injury or illness. This can be an important distinction if your wages were higher or lower than normal during that stretch of time. 

Legal Support for Your Maryland Workers’ Compensation Claim

The claims process can be complicated and it is possible hearings will be required. An experienced Baltimore workers’ compensation lawyer has the skills, talent, and background you need to secure the compensation you deserve following a workplace illness or injury.

Are you moving toward filing a workers’ comp claim and need legal guidance? Contact the attorneys at Iamele & Iamele, LLP to get started. Our lawyers can request a hearing or file an appeal if needed. We work hard to recover full financial damages for our clients. A fair settlement could be available to support you and your family while you recover from a workplace illness or injury. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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