Victims of Crimes & Civil Lawsuits

Crime Victim & Civil Lawsuits

Are You the Victim of A Crime Who Needs Representation in a Civil Lawsuit?


Examples of criminal conduct that can rise to a civil suit include:

“Sexual Abuse” - sexual impropriety including rape and sexual assault and characterized by the victim’s lack of or inability to consent

“Homicide ” – a death caused by another person which occurs without justification or excuse, including murder, manslaughter and vehicular homicide.

“Assault” – any intentional physical contact that offends a victim.

“Kidnapping” – holding a victim against his or her will for any amount of time.

In some crime victim cases a “third-party” may also be held liable.

If you find yourself as a victim of a crime, negligence or accident through no fault of your own please call our offices at (410) 779-6160 to speak with an attorney. Injury cases are accepted with no fees or expenses to the client.

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